Tax Relief Companies – Know Your Options

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Tax Relief Companies – Know Your Options

Tax Relief Companies – Know Your Options

Owing back taxes to the IRS and State agencies can lead to severe penalties. Selecting the right company to represent you is vital. Some consequences of back taxes are bank, levies, wage garnishments, and Federal or State tax liens. For those facing these collection actions, a company offering customized individual solutions and that is also experienced with complex tax debt issues should be hired to handle these cases. J David Tax Law is not a tax relief or tax resolution company. We are a law firm of experienced tax attorneys in Jacksonville, FL and who have delivered to clients throughout the USA with customized tax debt relief solutions. If you are considering any tax relief solutions, this article will help you understand the value of hiring J David Tax Law to help you resolve your tax debt issues.

What is Tax Relief?

Tax relief is a reduction in the taxes owed by an individual or business. Various forms of tax relief are available. One form of tax relief is tax credit which covers something you did in your life or in your business. Tax deduction is another form that can reduce your tax liability. Tax debt relief programs to reduce incurred tax debt by individuals or businesses include Offer in Compromise, negotiated hardship status, or interest and penalty abatement.

How J David Tax Law Provides Tax Relief

J David Tax Law is a tax law firm in Jacksonville, FL who offers customized, affordable tax solutions which allows individuals or businesses to overcome their tax debt problems. We understand that each business and individual has unique situations with different tax debt or tax audit goals and different financial circumstances. An experienced tax attorney is assigned to every individual case transferring to us your tax burdens. Our tax attorneys use various strategies to provide you the tax relief you need for your case. Each case is carefully examined in order to determine the best tax debt relief solution for you. We form an overall strategy to offer the best tax solution and a combination of programs for your life or business. Offer in Compromise, installment agreement, currently non-collective status, or Fresh Start Programs are some common tax debt resolutions we have negotiated for our clients.

How Tax Relief Companies Work

Customer service representatives are used as case managers in tax relief companies in Jacksonville and the US and cannot speak with the IRS on your behalf. Their main purpose is to get you to sign up and pay for their services. Their strategy is to use more case managers to ensure you will not take up the time of a tax professional such as a tax lawyer. The case managers will not be able to discuss complex tax debt issues or tax resolution strategies regarding your case. They will also not allow you to speak with a tax lawyer about your case. Unless you threaten to cancel their services, you will not be able to get regular updates.

How Our Tax Attorneys Work For You

When you first contact us, your individual case is our main focus. We want to achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest amount of time. In most cases, it takes 48 hours for IRS or Florida wage garnishments to be stopped. We have been nationally recognized for our commitment to our clients and superior customer service in tax relief services and tax lawyers. Flexible fee payment plans are offered if need. Our firm has qualified attorneys bound by the ethics and standards of the Florida Bar Association. Our office and headquarters are based in Jacksonville, FL with satellite offices in Orlando, FL and throughout the United States.

See if You Qualify for Tax Relief

The key to solving your tax debt issues is to find a quick solution as these issues will get worse over time. If you are being aggressively pursued by the IRS or Florida Department of Revenue, affordable and effective tax representation is needed. We have been nationally recognized for our commitment to our client care and case outcomes, and we take exceptional care of our clients and their cases. We want our clients to move on peacefully with their lives. To determine if you qualify, we offer free tax relief consultations for both individuals and business across the United States.

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Meet Jonathan David Sooriash

Meet Jonathan David Sooriash

He is the founder and Managing Partner of J. David Tax Law®. He is the winner of the 2019 Ultimate Tax Attorney awarded by the Jacksonville Business Journal. This award recognizes law firms and attorneys who show exemplary professional talent and skill while demonstrating superior client care, leadership, charitable concern, and civic engagement. Jonathan graduated from Chapman University School of Law. He has practiced law since 2011.

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