How We Compare to Tax Relief Companies


How We Compare to Tax Relief Companies

The consequences of owing back taxes to the IRS and State agencies can include bank levies, wage garnishments, and Federal and State tax liens. When facing any of these collection actions, you will want to hire someone experienced in complex tax debt issues that offer customized solutions for your family based on your case. While our tax attorneys are experienced at providing tax relief for our clients, J David Tax Law is not a tax relief or tax resolution company. We are a firm of tax attorneys. If you are considering any of the tax relief companies to resolve your tax debt issues, the following article is designed to help you understand the value of hiring J David Tax Law.

What is Tax Relief?

If you receive a reduction in the taxes you owe as an individual or business, that reduction is considered tax relief. A tax credit is a form of tax relief that typically covers something you did in your life or for your business, while a tax deduction may be used to reduce your tax liability. Tax debt relief programs, like an offer in compromise or negotiated hardship status or penalty and interest abatement, may be used to help reduce the tax debt incurred by an individual or business.

How Our Tax Firm Provides Tax Relief

J David Tax Law is a firm that provides customized, affordable tax solutions that allow you to overcome your tax problems. An experienced tax attorney is assigned to every case so you can confidently transfer your tax burden to us. Our tax attorneys use a variety of tax resolution strategies to provide tax relief. Tax relief is not just about available programs. It’s about digging into a case examining the tax law and finding the best solution for you. We understand that every individual and business has a unique tax situation, with different financial circumstances, and different tax debt or tax audit goals. An offer in compromise, installment agreement, currently non-collectible status, or Fresh Start Program are some of the common tax resolution tactics used.

How Tax Relief Companies Work

Unlike our firm, tax relief companies commonly use customer service representatives as case managers that cannot speak with the IRS on your behalf. The strategy is to have many case managers and few tax professionals, such as tax attorneys. They will be concerned about getting you to sign and pay and will not be able to discuss complex tax debt issues or the tax resolution strategies that will be used in your case. A case manager is there to ensure you don’t take up the time of a licensed tax professional. They will not allow you to speak with a tax attorney who can talk about your personal complex tax debt issues or keep you updated on a regular basis unless you threaten to cancel services.

How Our Tax Attorneys Work for You

We work hard for our clients to achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest amount of time. In most cases, we are able to get State or IRS wage garnishments stopped in 48 hours. Our firm is nationally recognized for our commitment to our clients and superior customer service in providing tax attorney and tax relief services. When you first call us, we will be focused on your individual case. If you need it, we have flexible fee payment plans. Our attorneys are bound by the standards and ethics of the Bar Association that regulates our profession in our jurisdiction. We are headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, with satellite offices in Orlando, FL, as well as throughout the United States.

See if You Qualify for Tax Relief

Acting quickly is the key factor as tax debt issues get worse with time. If you are being aggressively pursued by State tax agencies or the IRS, you need effective and affordable tax representation. As our client, we will take exceptional care of your case so you can peacefully get on with your life. We offer free tax relief consultations to individuals and businesses nationwide.

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