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Truckers: Collect Downtime Losses & Resolve Back Taxes

Author: Attorney Kelsea Eckert Death and Taxes, these are guaranteed. But what about collecting money that’s due you? How do you improve the odds of getting back what’s rightfully yours? Financial Impact of Accidents on Owner Operators A traffic accident...

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When You Have Unfiled Tax Returns

When an individual or business has unfiled tax returns it can lead to some of the most severe consequences possible in both IRS and State tax situations. Most individuals or business owners don’t realize that failing to file tax returns...

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Lenorae Atter Talks About Stimulus Package on WFLA

To share insights about the Coronavirus Stimulus packages, Lenorae Atter, our Director of Legal Operations, joined Alan Spector at WFLA Orlando to answer several common questions. If you owe the IRS back taxes, unlike the 2008 Stimulus, the 2020 efforts...

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