Our Process

Our Process

When an individual or business fails to pay their taxes in the United States, it can lead to stiff penalties followed by an aggressive pursuit from the IRS or a State tax agency. A few tactics they use to collect include bank levies, wage garnishments, and Federal and State tax liens.

It can be difficult to know what steps to take and how to find tax relief. J. David Tax Law® has achieved thousands of successful outcomes for our clients nationwide. We consistently provide tax relief from bank levies, wage garnishments, and Federal and State tax liens.

Unlike most tax relief and tax resolution companies that are mostly concerned about getting you to sign-up and pay, as our client, you will work directly with a tax attorney uniquely qualified at handling complex tax issues. Our tax attorneys are professional and focused on relieving your tax debt issues in the shortest amount of time.

We offer customized tax debt relief solutions that are affordable. Each case is unique therefore a customized strategy is developed for every client. We have achieved thousands of successful outcomes for our clients because we truly care. We will fight for you and keep you informed throughout the process.

100% FREE, No-Obligation Consultation

We offer a free consultation that does not obligate you to work with our firm. During the consultation, we will discuss your personal tax debt issues. We will immediately assess your tax situation to determine if we can help you. We will explain the options available to you for resolving your tax debt issues. Once you qualify and review the options, we have a three-phase process to help you on your journey to tax debt relief.

Phase 1: Investigation

Once you become our client, your case will be assigned to an experienced tax attorney that can handle complex legal tax matters. Your tax attorney will perform an in-depth investigation to determine the best possible resolution for your tax debt issues. This phase may take one to four weeks depending on your case. In most cases we can get IRS or State wage garnishments removed within 48 hours. Your tax attorney will keep you informed throughout the process.

Phase 2: Resolution

During this phase, your tax attorney will focus on securing your tax debt resolution. As our client, we will fight for you to achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest amount of time. Your tax attorney will make negotiations directly with the IRS or State tax agency regarding your case. During this phase, you will be informed of our progress with every step.

Final Phase: Freedom

The final phase for your tax debt relief journey is tax debt freedom. Once a resolution for your case has been determined, your case is completed. After completing your case, your tax attorney will advise you on how to stay tax compliant in the future. We aim to educate you so you can avoid facing future tax debt issues.


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