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Guaranteed Tax Debt Relief with a Trusted Irvine Tax Attorney

California ranks ninth in the nation for state income tax burden and has the highest state tax rate of 13.30% for incomes over $1 million. This makes it particularly challenging for the residents to manage tax liabilities. Knowing this, our tax debt lawyers developed a process to identify valuable tax deductions, credits, and incentives to reduce your overall tax debt burden.

With this approach, J. David Tax Law successfully minimizes taxpayers’ exposure to further penalties and reduces half of the full amount owed across all 50 states. This not only earned us the trust of our clients but also recognition as the fastest-growing tax law firm with the most cases with successful outcomes. This recognition reflects our dedication to delivering exceptional results and providing continuous support to those facing complex tax issues.

Our Best Approach to Recover from California Tax Burden

J. David Tax Law specializes in resolving unpaid taxes with a tailored, comprehensive approach.  Whether it’s negotiating offers in compromise or pursuing penalty abatements, we leverage this advanced process to minimize your liabilities and provide permanent financial tax relief in Irvine, CA.

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We assess your situation, answer your questions, and outline the steps to resolve your tax debt.

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Free Consultation

We assess your situation, answer your questions, and outline the steps to resolve your tax debt.

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Phase 1: Investigation

Our tax debt attorney builds a strong resolution plan by analyzing your tax history, financial statements, and discrepancies.

Phase 1: Investigation

Our tax debt attorney builds a strong resolution plan by analyzing your tax history, financial statements, and discrepancies.

Phase 2: Resolution

Implement strategies like tax litigation to attempt to reduce and resolve your tax liabilities. This is either through negotiation or settlements.

Phase 2: Resolution

Implement strategies like tax litigation to attempt to reduce and resolve your tax liabilities. This is either through negotiation or settlements.

Phase 3: Freedom

We bring your unpaid taxes to resolution. We review the case outcomes and ensure settlements are in place and penalties are abated if possible.

Phase 3: Freedom

We bring your unpaid taxes to resolution. We review the case outcomes and ensure settlements are in place and penalties are abated if possible.

Secure 50% Debt Reduction with a Tax Attorney in Orange County

We understand that tax debt can be a source of immense stress and financial strain. Thus, our team made it our primary goal to provide significant financial relief to our clients by securing up to 50% debt reduction, sometimes more. By reducing the total amount owed, we help our clients to immediately eliminate financial burdens and pave a more secure financial future. 

We accomplish this by taking advantage of our extensive experience in negotiating with the IRS and state tax authorities. Our entire legal team, including paralegals, works on your case and evaluates feasible legal avenues that provide the highest chances of resolution. Some of these options include offers in compromise, installment agreements, and penalty abatements to reduce the overall debt burden. 

#1 Tax Debt Relief Advocates in Irvine, CA

At J. David Tax Law, we take immense pride in being the #1 tax relief advocates in Irvine, CA. This high standing reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and client satisfaction. Our top rating from industry-leading legal evaluators signifies our long history of achieving thousands of outstanding results for our clients across 50 states, including California. 

Our exceptional industry rating is not just a symbol of our success. We have earned this distinction through consistent hard work, ethical practices, and a client-first approach. Choose J. David Tax Law for proven results in tax debt relief and experience the difference of working with a trusted firm in Irvine, CA.

40+ years of experience

Why J. David Tax Law's Irvine Tax Attorneys Are Your Best Choice

Here at J. David Tax Law, we are proud to be known as the leading tax law firm serving Irvine, CA. Our consistent stellar reputation is built on our comprehensive understanding of tax law practices and regulations, enabling us to craft effective strategies for resolving tax issues. We specialize in IRS and tax court negotiations, tax liens, tax levies, unpaid taxes, penalty reductions, and providing expert representation in audits and litigation. Here’s how we can do the same for you:

Perks of Hiring a Qualified Tax Attorney from Orange County

Hiring an IRS tax attorney in Orange County offers numerous benefits that can greatly ease the burden of dealing with tax issues. Here’s how:

Gain expert legal advice tailored to your tax situation, ensuring informed decisions and avoiding costly mistakes.

Relieve stress by letting a skilled tax attorney handle your case, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of life.

Receive customized legal dispute tax strategies that align with your financial goals for effective tax management.

Benefit from expert negotiation with the IRS and state agencies to secure settlements and reduce your tax burden.

Transfer the responsibility of dealing with tax authorities to a professional to ensure diligent tax issue management.

Award Winning Service

Our firm is the recipient of the 2019 Best Tax Firm award from Folio Weekly readers, further demonstrating our commitment to client care and our success in surpassing client expectations.

Wipe Out IRS Tax Debt with Penalty Abatement Solutions

At J. David Tax Law, penalty abatement is a powerful tool we use to help clients wipe out IRS tax debt. Penalty abatement is particularly beneficial when taxpayers face substantial penalties due to late filing, late payments, legal tax disputes, tax evasion or other tax compliance issues. These penalties, along with accrued interest, can significantly increase your overall tax burden. 

We utilize penalty abatement in situations where there are reasonable causes for non-compliance, such as natural disasters, serious illness, or other extenuating circumstances. By seeking penalty abatement, we can request the IRS to reduce or eliminate these additional charges. This makes it easier for us to reduce or completely clear the penalties, stop tax collection attempts and reach immediate tax liability settlement. 

Choose Fresh Start Program and Empower Your Lifeline to Tax Relief

The Fresh Start Program is an IRS initiative designed to help taxpayers like you resolve outstanding tax debts more manageably. By utilizing options such as offers in compromise (OIC), installment agreements, and penalty abatements, our experienced tax lawyers in Orange County tailor solutions to your specific financial situation. We assist in individual and business taxes to ensure they understand and maximize the benefits of the program. 

In addition, this initiative marks a significant shift by introducing positive changes to installment agreements, lien filing thresholds, and the OIC process. Notably, it extends the debt threshold for streamlined installment agreements from $25,000 to $50,000, with a structured repayment plan spanning 72 months.

Meet Our Attorneys

Introducing our esteemed team of tax attorneys at J. David Tax Law. Renowned for their exceptional expertise, these world-class professionals bring unparalleled skills and dedication to solving complex tax matters with precision and delivering optimal solutions for our clients.

J. David Tax Law Pillars of Integrity

Our tax lawyers’ commitment to excellence is embodied by the core values that guide our actions and decisions. Each pillar represents a fundamental principle that defines our approach to tax law and inspires confidence in those we serve.

We keep our clients fully informed by providing regular updates and being readily available to answer any tax questions.


Our team takes full responsibility for our actions and decisions to meet client expectations through ethical practice.

Act with Integrity

We conduct our business with transparency. This gives our clients assurance that we always act in their best interests.

Collaborative Teamwork

We foster and value a collaborative environment to work towards achieving the best outcomes for our client's legal issues.


We approach disputes with tax authorities with empathy, recognizing the challenges that tax issues can bring.

Inspire Growth

Our legal team commits to continuous growth – both for our clients and our team – by staying updated on tax laws and industry practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I schedule a free consultation with J. David Tax Law?
Scheduling a free consultation with J. David Tax Law is easy. Simply visit our website and fill out the contact form, or call our office directly at the provided phone number. Our team will promptly respond to arrange a convenient time for your consultation. During this initial meeting, we will assess your situation and discuss potential solutions to your tax issues and other IRS collection actions.
Can J. David Tax Law help with both federal and state tax issues?
Yes, J. David Tax Law can assist with both federal and state tax issues. Our tax attorneys have a diverse experience level in handling a wide range of tax matters, from negotiating with the IRS to resolving state tax disputes. We provide comprehensive services, including penalty abatements, offers in compromise, and audit representation, tailored to meet your specific needs.
How long does the tax resolution process typically take?
Generally, it can take anywhere from a few months to over a year to reach a resolution. For example simple cases like setting up an installment agreement for business debts might be resolved in a few months. Meanwhile more complex situations, such as offers in compromise, can take longer due to thorough reviews by the IRS. At J. David Tax Law, we strive to expedite the process by efficiently managing all documentation and communication with tax authorities. Contact us for legal guidance and to expedite your tax debt resolution.
How can J. David Tax Law assist with tax liens and levies?
J. David Tax Law assists with tax levies and tax liens in California by providing expert legal representation and tailored strategies to resolve these issues. Our experienced tax attorneys negotiate with the IRS to remove or stop collection activities like liens and levies, potentially securing installment agreements or offers in compromise. We also leverage advanced tax practices to ensure that all legal avenues are explored to protect your assets and minimize financial hardship.
Can J. David Tax Law help with innocent spouse relief cases?
Yes. Our experienced tax attorneys are well-versed in the IRS guidelines for innocent spouse relief and can help you determine if you qualify. We will guide clients in disputes through the application process, ensuring all necessary documentation and evidence are provided to support your claim. Our goal is to relieve you from any tax liability resulting from your spouse’s or former spouse’s errors or omissions on a joint tax return.

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