IRS Passport Revocation or Denial

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IRS Passport Revocation or Denial

Beginning in August 2019 the IRS started systematically revoking passports through the United States State Department for individuals that owe more than $52,000 in tax debt, penalties, and interest to the Internal Revenue Service. Individuals who the IRS have previously filed a Federal Tax Lien against are at a heightened risk for passport action. The IRS process involves the State Department denying passport applications/renewals or revoking existing passports if the IRS shows a legally enforceable federal tax debt. Statistics show that 98.6% of tax debt cases referred to the State Department end in passport revocation or passport application or renewal denial.

Our Experience with the IRS and Passports

J. David Tax Law has represented tax debt cases recently where Americans traveling overseas were hit with passport revocation while outside the United States. Our tax attorneys have also represented cases in the last year where individuals had booked expensive travel plans that could not be kept due to the tax debt preventing the issuance of a passport by the State Department.

Both scenarios can be frustrating to scary depending on the respective circumstances. In several IRS passport revocation cases we’ve represented over the past year the individual received no prior notice that the passport was about to be revoked. That is most likely due to the individual moving from the last known address the IRS had and not filing taxes since the relocation. The IRS has only one obligation for notification of any tax debt, including passport revocation. That obligation is to send correspondence to the last known address the IRS had on file for the individual.

We Can Help with Tax Debt and Passport Issues

If you have tax debt above $52,000 and are concerned about your passport status, we can help. It is preferable that you seek assistance prior to the passport revocation or renewal denial. However, even if you have already lost your passport, we can get it reinstated in days to weeks. We can also work out agreements for individuals who need passports for imminent travel. Some of the options our tax attorneys often employ for passport release or approval are Offer in Compromise, Negotiated Non-Collectible Status, and Affordable IRS Repayment Plans.

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