How Our Tax Attorneys Can Help You

Tax problems get worse with time. If you don’t react quickly to IRS or State tax collection actions, it can lead to wage garnishments, bank levies, tax liens, or worse. Delaying dealing with tax debt can cause you to incur huge penalties and interest, and you could risk losing your home, business, or income, due to unpaid taxes or old tax debt.

These consequences can take a toll on your life. Tax debt can have impacts on your health, your family, and your overall happiness. Because tax law is all that we do, transfer your burden to us.

Our Tax Attorneys use a variety of methods to provide tax relief to you and your family. Tax attorneys are experienced in federal and state policies that pertain to tax liability and how taxation works.

For all audit and back tax cases, there are several options for resolving your tax issues and qualifying for tax relief. Acting quickly is the key factor as waiting only makes tax debt worse.

How We Work

Our customized solutions are designed to make it affordable to hire a tax attorney for help resolving your tax debt or tax audit issues. From the first call to the final phase, you will work directly with a tax attorney that has experience in complex tax matters including tax controversy and dispute resolution.

Free Consultation

Options for resolving your tax problems will be assessed and explained to you.

Phase 1: Investigation

Become a client, call with your tax attorney, begin in-depth investigation.

Phase 2: Resolution

Negotiate best possible resolution with the IRS or State tax agencies.

Final Phase: Freedom

Case completed. Your attorney will advise you how to stay tax compliant in the future.

J David Tax Law® Versus Tax Relief Companies

Unlike most tax resolution companies that are mostly concerned about getting you to sign-up and pay, J. David Tax Law focuses on our clients’ experiences and case outcomes. You will know you have called one of these companies if the person cannot speak in-depth with you about complex tax laws or your personal issues.

In reality, every person has a unique tax situation, with different financial circumstances, and very specific goals related to their tax debt or tax audit. Most sales people will not give you the confidence or the peace of mind you need to move forward to a resolution.

With J. David Tax Law®, you’ll speak directly with an experienced Tax Attorney so you can ask complex questions and present your situation in a personal manner. We are not a tax resolution or tax relief company. We are a law firm that is held to standards and ethics set forth by the Bar Association responsible for regulating our profession in our jurisdiction. Our firm is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, and we work with clients in every state to resolve their tax issues.


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J. David Tax Law®, is an award-winning tax firm that represents individuals and businesses in all 50 states that have IRS, State, and State Sales tax debt. Using this form does not constitute an attorney client relationship.

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