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Charlotte, NC Tax Attorney

Tax matters can be incredibly overwhelming and intimidating for individuals and businesses alike. That is why here at J. David Tax Law, we take a different approach to make tax resolution simple for our clients. This vision is what earned us prestigious awards beyond our thousands of successes representing individuals and businesses in all 50 states with IRS, State, and State Sales tax debt.

Whether you’re facing IRS scrutiny, dealing with tax debts, or seeking proactive tax planning advice, J. David Tax Law is here to help. Put your trust in Charlotte, NC tax attorney and experience the difference our expertise can make in resolving your tax issues. Contact us today for a free consultation to stabilize your financial situation.

Our Tax Resolution Approach

We understand the stress and uncertainty that tax issues can bring. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive tax resolution approach designed to provide our clients with clarity, confidence, and financial freedom.

Free Consultation

We offer a complimentary initial consultation where a tax attorney will explore potential solutions tailored to your needs.

Get started today →

Free Consultation

We offer a complimentary initial consultation where a tax attorney will explore potential solutions tailored to your needs.

Get Started Today →

Phase 1: Investigation

We investigate all necessary information such as tax returns and any relevant correspondence with tax authorities.

Phase 1: Investigation

We investigate all necessary information such as tax returns and any relevant correspondence with tax authorities.

Phase 2: Resolution

We'll develop a personalized resolution such as installment agreements, offers in compromise, and other relief programs.

Phase 2: Resolution

We'll develop a personalized resolution such as installment agreements, offers in compromise, and other relief programs.

Phase 3: Freedom

Your J. David Tax Law attorney provides a comprehensive summary of the resolution attained as well as ongoing support.

Phase 3: Freedom

Your J. David Tax Law attorney provides a comprehensive summary of the resolution attained as well as ongoing support.

Charlotte, NC's #1 Trusted Legal Advisors for Tax Relief

At J. David Tax Law, we can help you throughout your journey to achieving financial freedom. We offer various white-collar tax relief services to help both individuals and businesses. This includes legal services related to tax cases in North Carolina such as court litigation, tax refund claims, and tax compliance. Moreover, our experienced tax attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of taxation law.

We take the time to listen to our clients’ concerns and provide honest assessments of their tax situations and outline all available options for relief. From IRS account investigationtax levy, tax lien, currently non-collectible status, relief programs and payroll tax representation, our tax law firm has everything that you need to solve all your tax problems in Charlotte, NC.

Certified Tax Debt Resolution Experts in Charlotte, NC

Tax matters in North Carolina are known to be complex and constantly evolving. Thus, it’s crucial to work with certified lawyers who specialize and understand the intricate tax codes, regulations, and procedures. For over a decade, J. David Tax Law has proudly held accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating. This accreditation serves as validation of our reputation as a trusted provider of tax relief services in the area.

Moreover, our experienced attorneys possess strong negotiation skills with the IRS, state tax authorities, or creditors honed through years of practice in tax law. This enables us to advocate vigorously on behalf of our clients to secure favorable settlements, payment plans, or other forms of relief. This effort led to achieving a consistent 5-star rating on FindLaw. This stands as a testament to our track record of success for our clients who are facing IRS audits, tax liens, tax levies or wage garnishment cases.

40+ years of experience

Why is J. David Tax Law the Best Tax Law Firm in Charlotte?

Some may argue that it’s our extensive experience in the industry or our strong professional relationships with local government agencies. Others may point to our commitment to personalized service and attention to detail. While all of these factors undoubtedly contribute to our success, it is our client-centric approach that made us the #1 tax law firm in Charlotte, NC. Here’s what we offer:

Benefits of Hiring J. David Tax Law Attorney

Are you facing complex tax issues or entangled in IRS disputes? Entrusting your tax matters, an experienced tax attorney in Charlotte can provide invaluable assistance with taxes at both the IRS and state or federal levels. Here’s why hiring a J. David Tax Law attorney is the right choice:

Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience in tax law can guide you through complex tax codes, regulations, and statutes with ease. This expertise enables us to identify potential tax issues and develop customized strategies for resolving them effectively.

Our team of tax professionals can provide peace of mind by taking over the burden of dealing with the IRS or state tax authorities. We will handle all communications on your behalf and shield you from potential mistakes or misunderstandings that could jeopardize your case.

J. David Tax Law offers strategic advice and planning regarding various tax-resolution matters. This includes minimizing your tax liability, claiming deductions and credits, and structuring transactions to maximize tax benefits.

Resolving disputes or conflicts with taxing authorities is complicated. Whether it’s negotiating a settlement or appealing an unfavorable decision, our expertise in tax law and familiarity with the legal processes enable us to effectively advocate for your best interests.

We strive to solve your tax matters responsibly and professionally. This can help establish credibility and cooperation with the IRS, U.S. Department of Treasury, or other state taxing authorities, potentially leading to better outcomes in your case.

Award Winning Service

Our firm is the recipient of the 2019 Best Tax Firm award from Folio Weekly readers, further demonstrating our commitment to client care and our success in surpassing client expectations.

North Carolina's Exclusive Payroll Tax Representation Services

Payroll tax compliance is crucial for businesses to avoid penalties and legal repercussions.
At J. David Tax Law, we work proactively to help you establish robust payroll tax processes, review payroll tax filings, and identify areas for improvement to mitigate risks. Whether you’re facing IRS audits, penalty abatement or compliance assistance, our legal team can offer guidance on structuring tax debt relief strategies and minimizing outstanding charges.

Over the past years, we’ve proudly represented thousands of individuals pursued by the IRS for violations of the tax code. Our attorneys handle all communications with the IRS on your behalf, including responding to inquiries, negotiating settlements, and resolving disputes related to payroll taxation. Contact J. David Tax Law today to schedule an immediate consultation with our experienced tax attorneys.

Rebuild Your Finances with IRS Fresh Start Program

The Fresh Start Program is an initiative launched by the IRS in 2011 to support taxpayers burdened by unresolved tax debt. At J. David Tax Law, we recognize the transformative power of this initiative and are committed to guiding our clients through its intricacies to rebuild their financial futures. This program contains revisions to installment agreements, lien filing thresholds, and the Offer In Compromise program to offer tangible assistance through the expansion of the installment agreement threshold.

Taxpayers now have the opportunity to establish manageable payment plans for liabilities up to $50,000, spreading repayments over 72 months. In addition, the Fresh Start Initiative raised the threshold for IRS lien filings to $10,000. This offers relief to taxpayers by minimizing the impact of liens on their financial standing. Moreover, changes to the Offer In Compromise program have made it more accessible, reducing the minimum offer amount and broadening the scope of allowable expenses.

Meet Our Attorneys

Introducing our esteemed team of tax attorneys at J. David Tax Law. Renowned for their exceptional expertise, these world-class professionals bring unparalleled skills and dedication to solving complex tax matters with precision and delivering optimal solutions for our clients.

Our Firm’s Core Values

At J. David Tax Law, our tax law firm is built upon a foundation of principles and guiding values. These values shape how we conduct business and define our commitment to our clients, our community, and the pursuit of excellence in tax law. Here are the core values that drive us forward:

Communicate Effectively

We ensure to keep our clients informed, from consultation to tax resolution, to empower them to make informed decisions.


We provide accurate advice, or advocating on behalf of our clients, and strive to deliver our promises.

Act with Integrity

Integrity is non-negotiable in our practice. We prioritize the interests of our clients above all else to maintain trust.

Collaborative Teamwork

Our collective legal expertise and perspectives enables us to provide comprehensive tax relief solutions.


Our compassionate lawyers advocate for fair treatment of our clients, seeking to minimize financial burdens.

Inspire Growth

We are committed to continuous growth, both personally and professionally, embracing any new tax debt challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a tax lawyer discuss matters with the IRS on my behalf?

Yes, a tax lawyer can represent you during IRS negotiations. J. David Tax Law is a renowned tax company in Charlotte that can help you have a favorable outcome and settle all your tax issues.

What kind of tax services is J. David Tax Law known for?

A tax law specialist like J. David Tax Law provides services like resolving unpaid taxes, addressing tax penalties, preventing levies and seizures, assisting with IRS asset seizures, handling tax levies and liens, offering payroll tax guidance, and resolving wage garnishments. Our team of lawyers also handles tax cases regarding unfiled tax returns, preparing income taxes, offers in compromise, navigating tax audits, and abating penalties and interest. For legal tax representation and other consultation needs, you can always give us a call at (704) 343-6757 to know more.

Can tax debt be pardoned in Charlotte, NC?

Yes, under certain programs like the “Offer in Compromise,” the IRS may agree to settle for less than the full amount owed. A Charlotte tax lawyer like J. David Tax Law can help you with the process.

Is the concept of tax debt forgiveness legitimate?

Yes, the IRS offers specific programs and initiatives where qualified taxpayers can have a portion or all of their tax debt forgiven. The concept of tax debt forgiveness is legitimate, but it typically involves specific circumstances and procedures. Tax debt forgiveness, also known as tax debt relief or tax debt settlement, may be available in certain situations where a taxpayer is unable to pay the full amount of their tax liability.

How can I settle my tax debt with the IRS?

If you have tax debt with the IRS and are unable to pay the full amount, there are several options available to help you settle or manage your tax debt. Here are some common ways to address tax debt with the IRS: an installment agreement, offer in compromise (OIC), temporary delay, File for Currently Not Collectible (CNC) Status, Innocent Spouse Relief, and Bankruptcy. J. David Tax Law offers these different tax services and helps you settle your taxes from start to finish.

Is there a recent program for erasing tax debt?

Yes, there are IRS debt reduction programs that are being introduced over time. The “Fresh Start Program” is one of the newer initiatives that aims to help taxpayers resolve their debt. Always check with the IRS or a tax professional Charlotte, NC like J.David Tax Law for the latest programs and their details. We are also a financial professional who specializes in government levies and help you recover.

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