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Tax Debt Solutions for Doctors Part 1

Like all other professions and businesses, Federal tax law requires doctors to report income, track day-to-day expenses, and remit taxes when they are due. Doctors who also have medical practices are required to file and pay quarterly 940 and 941...

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If You Owe Back Taxes, the IRS Can Revoke or Deny Your Passport

In 2019, the IRS officially announced an urgency for taxpayers to settle their tax debt or their passports would be at risk of revocation or denial. The following article is designed to help you learn more about IRS Passport Revocation,...

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Florida Sales Tax Basics: What Business Owners Need to Know

Sales tax by definition is a tax paid to a governing body for the sales of certain goods and services. In 1949, the State of Florida began the requirement for business owners to collect and remit sales tax for specified...

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