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Federal Tax Deadlines Extended & Tax Relief Programs During COVID-19

The IRS has been tasked with collecting an unprecedented amount of taxes owed to fund the COVID-19 stimulus packages totaling more than $2.2 trillion ($2,200,000,000,000). The following release includes more information about the Federal tax payment deadline extension and related...

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Tax Debt Relief Solutions for Truck Drivers

One of the most misunderstood types of independent contractors is truck drivers. Truck drivers, who are independent contractors, are among the highest group of individuals to have a substitute for return (SFR) filed on their behalf by the IRS. When...

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Tax Debt Solutions for Doctors Part 2

According to Federal tax law, doctors are required like all professions and businesses to keep track of day-to-day expenses, report income, and pay taxes when they are due. Doctors who also have medical practices are required to file and pay...

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