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About J David Tax Law®

Overcome your tax problems and successfully get on with your life by hiring J David Tax Law®. J David Tax Law® is a tax law firm that provides customized, affordable tax solutions for clients nationwide. We offer services to individuals and businesses experiencing IRS and State Tax debt issues. If you are being aggressively pursued by these agencies, you have come to the right place.

According to a report given by the IRS, roughly 82% of Americans pay the taxes they owe, while the remaining 18% is due to unfiled taxes, under reporting, or underpaying. This totals about $406 billion dollars in unpaid taxes. Bank levies, wage garnishments, or Federal or State tax liens are a few tactics used to collect the taxes that are owed. Our firm enables individuals and businesses to overcome their tax debt issues and move on with peace of mind. In most cases, our tax attorneys can get IRS or State wage garnishments removed within 48 hours.

Beginning with your first interaction with our firm, an experienced tax attorney will be assigned to work your case. Our attorneys have successfully achieved thousands of successful outcomes for individuals and businesses across the United States. Our clients include anyone with tax debt in various professions including areas in healthcare, construction, daycare centers, truck / fleet owners, and many more.

Leadership Team

When we founded J David Tax Law®, it was to fulfill a need for effective and affordable tax representation for people being aggressively pursued by the IRS or State tax agencies. Our team excels at handling complex tax issues from consultation to freedom.

Jonathan David Sooriash

is the founder and Managing Partner of J. David Tax Law®. He is the winner of the 2019 Ultimate Tax Attorney awarded by the Jacksonville Business Journal. This award recognizes law firms and attorneys who show exemplary professional talent and skill while demonstrating superior client care, leadership, charitable concern, and civic engagement. Jonathan graduated from Chapman University School of Law. He has practiced law since 2011.

Our Mission

To provide protection, professional representation, and peace of mind to our clients who are being aggressively pursued by Federal and State tax agencies.

Our Core Values

Communicate Effectively

Listen, understand, and respond in a timely manner to motivate and inspire others.

Act with Integrity

Being honest, transparent, and having a strong moral compass to do the right thing.

Be Accountable

Taking ownership of one's thinking, actions, and results with pride and self-awareness.

Collaborative Teamwork

Respectfully and inclusively sharing common beliefs and supporting one another to work towards a common vision.


Suspend judgment to appreciate others' perspectives while empathetically responding with thoughtful action to help others.

Inspire Growth

Pioneer new and better ways, personally and collectively, to serve our clients and create a better tomorrow.

Awards & Recognition

Our firm focuses on giving our clients the best possible experience and outcomes while swiftly handling their tax debt issues. We are nationally known for tax debt representation and our recent awards are validation of the focus and effort our firm places on client care and exceeding client expectations. The firm was recently awarded The 2019 Best Tax Firm by Folio Weekly readers further showing our focus and effort into client care while exceeding client expectations.

Why People Trust J David Tax Law®

v A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

v Only a Tax Attorney Will Handle Your Case

v Thousands of successful outcomes for our clients

v 100% Free, No-Obligation Consultation



Our services include various tax law practice areas. We provide our clients relief from bank levies, wage garnishments, Federal or State tax liens, unfiled tax returns, and other tax issues.

How We Work

Following the initial consultation, we use a three-phase process to help our clients achieve tax debt relief. Our firm works quickly to achieve the maximum tax relief possible in the shortest amount of time. In most cases, we can remove wage garnishments within 48 hours.

We offer flexible fee payment plans to our clients which allows us to provide affordable professional representation to everyone needing tax relief. We offer a free professional consultation with no obligation to use our services. If we can help you, we will explain how. If we can’t help you, we will explain why.

Free Consultation

Options for resolving your tax problems will be assessed and explained to you.

Phase 1: Investigation

Become a client, call with your tax attorney, begin in-depth investigation.

Phase 2: Resolution

Negotiate best possible resolution with the IRS or State tax agencies.

Final Phase: Freedom

Case completed. Your attorney will advise you how to stay tax compliant in the future.

What our Clients Have to Say

"J. David Tax Law exceeded what I'd hoped for. I don't have to pay the IRS a dime and in less than a year the IRS runs out of time to collect and this whole mess is over. They worked with me on the fee payment. J. David Tax was awesome!"

Melinda B.

Atlanta, GA

"I had been dealing with a tax issue for years and put off getting help. These guys were professional from beginning to end. I never thought I could afford a tax attorney. They did more than I thought was possible. I'd recommend them."

Thomas B.

Austin, TX

"I was in a situation where I needed help with a $52,000 debt with the IRS. J. David Tax Law was wonderful! They immediately communicated with them to get the collections stopped, and the outcome was very favorable to me."

Deborah M.

Jacksonville, FL

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J. David Tax Law®, is an award-winning tax firm that represents individuals and businesses in all 50 states that have IRS, State, and State Sales tax debt. Using this form does not constitute an attorney client relationship.

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